HiPrene HSG41

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HiPrene® HSG41 is 10% short glass fibre reinforced polypropylene compound. This grade has very good mechanical and thermal properties. It is suitable for many different application in Automotive and Home appliance industry where is necessary to have high stiffness.


PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalMelt Mass-Flow RateISO 1133-2/Ag/10min6
PhysicalSpecific GravityISO 1183g/cm³1,01
MechanicalTensile Strength23° CISO 527-2/1A/50MPamin. 60
MechanicalFlexural Modulus23°CISO 178/BMPamin. 3400
ImpactNotched Izod Impact Strength23°CISO 180/AJ/mmin. 9
HardnessRockwell HardnessR-ScaleISO 2039-2/Rmin. 93
ThermalTemperature of Deflection under Load (HDT)ISO 75-2/A°Cmin. 156