HiPrene MT41HSV

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HiPrene® MT41HSV is a medium melt flow, 15% mineral filled polypropylene compound. This grade is UV stabilized and high impact modified. This grade contains anti-scratch agent and primarily is designed for interior parts where is necessary to have high impact and scratch resistance.

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalMelt Mass-Flow RateISO 1133-2/Ag/10min11
PhysicalSpecific GravityISO 1183g/cm³0,99
MechanicalTensile Strength23° CISO 527-2/1A/50MPamin. 21
MechanicalFlexural Modulus23°CISO 178/BMPamin. 1750
ImpactNotched Izod Impact Strength23°CISO 180/AKJ/m²min. 30
HardnessRockwell HardnessR-ScaleISO 2039-2/Rmin. 60
ThermalVolatile MattersGS Standard SOP003%max. 0,15
ThermalAsh Content600°CISO 3451-1/A600˚C%15