HiPrene MT41VJ

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HiPrene® MT41VJ is a 13% mineral filled, elastomer modified polypropylene compound suitable for injection moulding. This material has an excellent balance between impact strength and stiffness. It gives a good surface quality and is especially designed for esthetical interior parts such as instrument panels, door panels and trims. This grade is available in natural or color-matched, pellet form.

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalMelt Mass-Flow RateISO 1133g/10min12
PhysicalSpecific GravityISO 1183g/cm³0,98
MechanicalTensile Stress at YieldISO 527-2MPa20
MechanicalTensile Strain at BreakISO 527-2%6
MechanicalFlexural Modulus23°C (2mm/min)ISO 178MPa1700
ImpactCharpy Impact Strength Notched23°CISO 179/1eAKJ/m²30
ThermalVolatile MattersGS Method%0,1
ThermalAsh Content600°CISO 3451%13
ThermalHead Deflection Temperature BISO 75-2/B˚C95