Infino WP-1150

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PC/ ABS material w ith the characteristic of high stiffness and high flow that is applied to automobile IP core, console box etc.

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalSpecific GravityNatural or Representative ColorISO 1183-1,24
PhysicalMelt Flow Index250°C, 5kgISO 1133g/10min12
MechanicalFlexural Strength2mm/minISO 178MPa130
MechanicalFlexural Modulus2mm/minISO 178MPa4300
MechanicalTensile Strength50mm/minISO 527MPa90
MechanicalIzod Impact Strength (notched)4mmISO 180 1AKJ/m²14
MechanicalCharpy Impact Strength (notched)4mmISO 179 1eAKJ/m²12
ThermalVicat Softening Temperature5kg, 50°C/hrISO R 306°C135