Infino WP-1150

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PC/ ABS material w ith the characteristic of high stiffness and high flow that is applied to automobile IP core, console box etc.

Properties Test condition Method Unit Value
Physical Specific Gravity Natural or Representative Color ISO 1183 - 1,24
Physical Melt Flow Index 250°C, 5kg ISO 1133 g/10min 12
Mechanical Flexural Strength 2mm/min ISO 178 MPa 130
Mechanical Flexural Modulus 2mm/min ISO 178 MPa 4300
Mechanical Tensile Strength 50mm/min ISO 527 MPa 90
Mechanical Izod Impact Strength (notched) 4mm ISO 180 1A KJ/m² 14
Mechanical Charpy Impact Strength (notched) 4mm ISO 179 1eA KJ/m² 12
Thermal Vicat Softening Temperature 5kg, 50°C/hr ISO R 306 °C 135