Kepital TE-33

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<font size="3"><strong>A medium-high viscosity grade for general injection molding. </strong></font>

Modified with elastomer.

Suitable for parts requiring much higher impact resistance and toughness.

Properties Test condition Method Unit Value
Physical Density ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1,36
Physical Melt Flow Rate ISO 1133 g/10min 25
Thermal Flammability UL94 Class HB
Mechanical Tensile Strength 23˚C ISO 527-1,2 MPa 41
Mechanical Flexural Strength 23˚C ISO 178 MPa 60
Mechanical Flexural Modulus 23˚C ISO 178 MPa 1650
Mechanical Charpy Notched Impact Strength ISO 179/1eA kJ/m² 8,5
Mechanical Nominal Strain at Break 23˚C ISO 527-1,2 % 30
Electrical Surface Resistivity IEC 60093 Ω 1• 10^16
Electrical Volume Resistivity IEC 60093 Ω • cm 1• 10^14