Starex VH-0800

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Flame -retardant ABS material with the characteristic of high flow that can applied to the exterior material of OA de vice s such as monitor,

printer, fax machine , duplicator e tc.

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
FlammabilityFlammabilityV-0UL94mm1.5, 3.0, 6.0
ThermalVicat Softening TemperatureB/120ISO R 306°C89
ThermalVicat Softening TemperatureB/50ISO R 306°C86
ThermalHeat Deflection Temperature (annealing)0.45 MPa, 4.0mmISO 75-2°C85
ThermalHeat Deflection Temperature (annealing)1.8 MPa, 4.0mmISO 75-2°C80
ThermalHeat Deflection Temperature (unannealed)0.45 MPa, 4.0mmISO 75-2°C81
ThermalHeat Deflection Temperature (unannealed)1.8 MPa, 4.0mmISO 75-2°C71
MechanicalRockwell HardnessR-scaleISO 2039-2-107
MechanicalCharpy Impact Strength (V-notched)23°C, 4mmISO 179 1eAKJ/m²20
MechanicalIzod Impact Strength (notched)at 23°C, 4mmISO 180 1AKJ/m²21
MechanicalFlexural Modulus2mm/minISO 178MPa2700
MechanicalFlexural Strength2mm/minISO 178MPa75
MechanicalTensile Strength at Break50mm/minISO 527MPa35
MechanicalTensile Modulus50mm/minISO 527MPa2400
MechanicalTensile Strain at Break50mm/minISO 527%8
MechanicalTensile Strength at Yield50mm/minISO 527MPa46
PhysicalMold Shrinkage (TD)X-Flow at 3.2mm(TD)ISO 2577%0,33~0,40
PhysicalMold Shrinkage (MD)Flow at 3.2mm(MD)ISO 2577%0,30~0,37
PhysicalMelt Flow Index200°C, 5kgISO 1133g/10min5,4
PhysicalSpecific GravityNatural or Representative ColorISO 1183-1,17