HiPrene HLG75BE

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HiPrene® HLG75BE is the 50% long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene compound. This grade has excellent mechanical and thermal properties. It can replace other engineering plastics where is necessary to have high stiffness and high impact resistance. It is suitable for many different application in Automotive and Home appliance industry.

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalSpecific GravityISO 1183g/cm³1,28
MechanicalTensile Strength23° CISO 527-2/1A/50MPa168
MechanicalNominal Tensile Strain at Break23° CISO 527-2/1A/50%2
MechanicalFlexural StrengthISO 178MPa189
MechanicalFlexural ModulusISO 178MPa8430
ImpactNotched Izod Impact Strength23°CISO 180/AJ/m27
HardnessRockwell HardnessR-ScaleISO 2039-2/R100
ThermalTemperature of Deflection under Load (HDT)ISO 75-2/A°C157