HiPrene MR71E

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HiPrene® MR71E is a high melt flow, 15% mineral filled polypropylene compound. The grade has been specifically designed for moulding large complex parts that require high impact strength as well as good stiffness. This product is paintable.


PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalMelt Mass-Flow RateISO 1133-2/Ag/10min42
PhysicalSpecific GravityISO 1183g/cm³1
MechanicalTensile Strength23° CISO 527-2/1A/50MPa15
MechanicalNominal Tensile Strain at Break23° CISO 527-2/1A/50%25
MechanicalFlexural Modulus23°CISO 178/BMPa1300
ImpactNotched Izod Impact Strength23°CISO 180/AKJ/m²35
ThermalVolatile MattersGS Standard SOP003%<0,12
ThermalAsh Content600°CISO 3451-1/A600˚C%15