Kostil B 366

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Kostil B 366 is a Styrene-Acrylonitrile copolymer with a good chemical resistance
and a very low residual monomers content.
This easy flow grade exhibits a high clarity and it is designed for the moulding of
items with complex shapes and/or with thin walls with fast cycles.
Designation: Thermoplastics ISO 4894-SAN 2,MRS,105-25

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
PhysicalDensityISO 1183g/cm³1,07
PhysicalWater Absorption24 h - 23°CISO 62%<0,2
PhysicalBulk DensityISO 60g/cm30,65
ThermalMoulding Shrinkageinternal%0,4-0,6
ThermalDeflection Temperature under Load (annealed)1.8 MPa - 120°C/hASTM D648°C98
ThermalVicat Softening Temperature10 N - 50°C/hISO 306/A°C108
ThermalVicat Softening Temperature50 N - 50°C/hISO 306/B°C105
MechanicalFlexural Strenght2mm/minISO 178MPa101
MechanicalTensile Stress at Break5 mm/minISO 527MPa66
MechanicalTensile Strain at Break5 mm/minISO 527%2,2
MechanicalTensile Modulus1 mm/minISO 527MPa3500
MechanicalRockwell HardnessM-scaleISO 2039/2M83
MechanicalCharpy Impact Strenght, unnotched+23 ° CISO 179/2DKj/m³11
FlammabilityFlame Behaviourthickness 1.5 mmUL 94classHB
RheologicalMelt Flow Rate (MFR)220°C - 10 kgISO 1133g/10 min30