Niblend AE/V0 AF HT

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PC-ABS alloy, flame retardant, high flow and high thermic resistance, bromine, chlorine and

antinomy free

Properties Test condition Method Unit Value
Rheological Melt Flow Index 260°C / 5 kg ASTM D1238 g/10min 38
Mechanical Tensile Stress at Yield 50 mm/min. ASTM D638 MPa 50
Mechanical Tensile Stress at Break 5 mm/min ASTM D638 MPa 60
Mechanical Elongation 50 mm/min ASTM D638 % 40
Thermal Vicat Softening Temperature 49N / 120°C/h ASTM D 1525 °C 110
Thermal Heat Distortion Temperature H.D.T 1.82 MPa ASTM D648 °C 90
Thermal Glow Wire Temperature (G.W.T) S=2.0 mm IEC 695-2-12 °C 960
Flame Behaviour UL 94 Rating S=1.6 mm UL 94 class V0
Flame Behaviour UL 94 Rating S=3.2 mm UL 94 class V0
Physical Density 23°C ASTM D792 g/cm³ 1,2