Niretan B CF1515

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Poliamide 6 rinforced with a mix glass fibre and mineral filler, for the injection moulding of parts

That need good isotropic properties.

PropertiesTest conditionMethodUnitValue
MechanicalFlexural Maximum Stress1,3 mm/minASTM D790MPa160/90
MechanicalFlexural Elastic Modulus1,3 mm/minASTM D790MPa6000/2600
MechanicalRockwell HardnessASTM D785R-scale120/80
MechanicalIzod Notched Impact Strength23°C/3,2 mmASTM D256J/m40/60
MechanicalIzod Notched Impact Strength-20°C/3,2 mmASTM D256J/m30/30
MechanicalElongation5mm/minASTM D638%4/10
MechanicalTensile Stress at Yield5 mm/minASTM D638MPa120/60
ThermalHeat Distortion Temperature H.D.T1.82 MPaASTM D648°C60
ThermalLinear Expansion Coefficient23°C/55°CISO 11359-210^-5 K^-110
Flame BehaviourGlow Wire Temperature (G.W.T)S=2.0 mmIEC 695-2-1°C650
Flame BehaviourUL 94 RatingS=1.6 mmUL 94classHB
Flame BehaviourUL 94 RatingS=3.2 mmUL 94classHB
ElectricalDielectric StrengthS=1 mmIEC 60243-1KV/mm30/25
ElectricalRelative Permettivity1 Mhz = seccoIEC 60250-3,5/4,0
ElectricalDissipation Factor1 Mhz = seccoIEC 60250-0,02/0,1
ElectricalSurface ResistivityseccoIEC 60093Ω10^14/10^13
ElectricalVolume ResistivityseccoIEC 60093Ω • cm10^15/10^12
VariousMoulding Shrinkageparallel-%0,6/1,2
PhysicalDensity23°CASTM D792g/cm³1,36
PhysicalWater Absorption24h - 23°CASTM D570%6-7
PhysicalHumidity Absorption from Atmosphere23°C – 50% HRASTM D570%2
PhysicalCristalline Melting TemperatureDSC-°C220